Saturday, 24 December 2011

Aims for next year

What does the year a head hold for me, with that i mean what is my aims for next year. One thing for certain is that it i will be running long distances. What races am not sure yet, not really seen any that float my boat.  I feel i need to try the twenty four again, this time in a cold place so no chances of getting heat stroke again! I have unfinished business, and really want to run a hundred miles. I don't know if that is wishful thinking but you have to have a target.
The chance to run for Scotland again would be nice in the 100km in Wales, where i ran my first ever ultra and first ever 100km. Selection will be hard but if i get picked i get picked. If not i think i will probably run the race any way, it would be strange not to run at least one 100km in a year. 
What ever races i chose i know i had better get the head down and start putting in the miles in.

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