Saturday, 7 January 2012

Liverpool Double Marathon

How not to run a marathon pb or in my case how to run a pb. Decide two weeks before the race that you fancy doing it. Then travel down to Liverpool the morning of the race leaving nice and early. Oh i forgot don't bother doing any real training for the marathon. I have been running but mostly four mile runs with speed work. The very occasional long run up to two hours chucked in when i had the time.

So off we set to Liverpool with the idea of running a fast marathon on day one then just getting round on the second day. The week before the race, i thought it would be a good idea to go for a pb. I talked it over with my coach who didn't really say much expect he wanted me to go out there and run as fast as i could. I don't think he expected me to run as fast as i did with what little training i had done.

Stevie ( my coach ) was going to run the first lap then let me get on with it. After the first lap i was second passed about mile from the next lap. The pace felt not too bad but i find when running with someone who run there pace. So i was glad to get out onto the second lap own my own. Once on my own i soon found my grove and picked up the first lady, who i thought was looking really relaxed that  i wouldn't see her again.
The third and fourth lap i just kept running relaxed but felt strong ,i didn't want to look at the watch in case i didn't like what i saw.
The fourth lap was very emotional for me as most of the race i had thought of dad, it felt like he had taken every stride with me. He would be so proud not of the win as that never meant anything to him it was doing your best and enjoying it.
Well i got what i wanted a nice new pb and the feeling that i could run so much more faster at the marathon. Bring on the training.

Day two, a marathon again my legs hurt my stomach felt like a washing machine on full spin. The race started and so did the pain and didn't stop until the end. Nor did my swearing at Stevie who ate the whole twenty six miles. I kept hoping the legs would want to play and race the other girls but i couldn't i was too tired. The plan was never to save my self for the second marathon so i learnt i can run that distance tired. The lack of training showed on day two but at least i got some more miles under the belt.

All in all i think a good weekend 's work.

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