Sunday, 25 March 2012


The race i would be using for selection for the 100km in Wales, it went well but i didn't win which i felt i had too. I was well beaten but had a good run that showed that training was going well for the 100km. I haven't started the long runs yet or the back to back runs so i feel i showed mental strength in the latter stages of the race.
 My training has been going well since the back to back marathons in January. I have been working on my speed and the only long runs i have been doing is my regular 16 mile run. So the D33 would be a test but a good run out for me.

From the gun the leading lady went off but i was happy to get into my grove and run on my own which i really did do for most of the race. I was worried about the off road aspect of the race but i shouldn't have worried it really was good going for the whole of the race. Thank god as i don't really do off road or mud!
I got to the turn feeling comfortable and the support from the other runners on the way home was amazing. The other girls not far behind but the leading lady was off and looking strong. I don't think the wheels came off but it started hurting around 29 miles but i felt i put the head down and tried to keep pushing on.
The lack of miles showed but i kept moving and didn't slow down too much.

The one real worry for me on the lead up to the race was how i would feel during the race as often when out running you start to think. Even on my short runs i often think of my dad and have a wee cry, it did worry me that i would break down during the race. All those miles and the time to left to think. I did think of dad those last miles when it hurt but there was no crying just a sense he was there and pushing me on. Even though he thought i was mad doing these distances and it was not normal.

I finished 2nd lady so here is hoping it's good enough for selection and my friend Gail showed great strengh coming through for 3rd. What a great race and to top it off i got my medal from Andrew Murray once i crossed the finishing line.


  1. Brilliant Izzy, glad you've decided to write about your races. You seem to be getting better and better. Keep writing and running!

  2. Fantastic Izzy. To run tha time without doing any really long runs is brilliant. Well done.