Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Anglo Celtic Plate

I thought last week would never end, but on friday i got the news i was waiting for. I had been selected to run for Scotland in the Anglo Celtic Plate.
I have never been so nervous waiting to find out, i cried when i found out as it was such a relief and the wait was over. I really thought that i wouldn't get selection and as more of the week went past i was sure i hadn't been selected.
I had spoke to my dad while he was in hospital and said i wanted to try and gain selection, my dad never really liked me doing 100km's and had said why did i want to be running such a silly distance. I just said i liked doing them and dad just looked at me and i knew that he would support me and nothing else had to be said. When i found out that i was selected he was the first person i wanted to tell and i actually forgot he wasn't here as i went to phone him. I know he would be looking down and be sharing my happeness.
Training is going well and i look forward to all the hard miles of running i have to do. Roll on July and the chance to wear a scotish vest again.

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